7 Strategies to Make Your Content Engaging and Saleable: SPILL OUT SEO

    Making content more engaging takes time and a relentless interest in knowing what makes your customers tick. Engaging content is crafted according to the attentiveness of prospective customers. But when it comes to digitally attract people to your website, creating SEO friendly content often requires time and efforts. But once you do, it can pay off if you do it right. Many people think that SEO-optimized content isn’t user-friendly. This is a total misconception because well-optimized, high-quality content essentially improves your chances of ranking higher in search results.

  1. Correct keyword research: SEO is leaned towards encouraging users to create leadership types of content and keywords play an important role. Finding the right keywords will help you dominate the search results to your target audience. While choosing your target keywords you should look after:
  2. The volume of searches for a particular keyword in a given period.
  3. Research keywords to create competitive content that will show up in the search results.
  4. Focus on long keywords: These might have a low search volume, but they still give a high possibility to rank on the search engine results.

You can use tools like SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion tool, Answer The Public or Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords. Once you find the target keywords include them in the right places like

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Use keywords in H1-H6 tags
  • Image names and alt image tags

Notice that over-using or keyword stuffing will reduce your content readability. Create blog posts and other types of content that solve problems or answer questions of your target audience or readers.

  •  Titles: Writing catchy titles have a huge impact on your SEO purposes and user-friendliness. A descriptive and catchy title can help readers tell what your blog post is about. To, increase your chances of ranking higher, optimize your titles for SEO by:
  • Using your target keyword at the beginning of your title.
  • Keep your title under 60 characters.
  • After crafting your title, check out its overall score with CoSchedule.
  • Write SEO friendly URLs: Properly crafted URLs are one of the most important SEO elements. They provide a finer user experience and are trouble-free to share. When it comes to creating SEO friendly URLs, must adhere to the following rules:
  • Include the proper and targeted keyword for each page. This will improve the search visibility of your website and help search engines better categorize the page.
  • Keep your URLs short by removing unnecessary words. The average URL should be around 60 characters.
  • Include hyphens to separate words. For example, http://wordpress.com/ how-to-make-your-content-more-engaging-and-saleable/
  • Only use lowercase letters because uppercase letters can result in redirects or 404 errors on some servers.
  • Avoid words like a, an, but and or.
  • Short Paragraphs Improve SEO:

Organized and small paragraphs of your topics increase search results because the topics are easy to identify. When you write in paragraph chunks you increase the search results of your content. Write shorter sentences as they provide readers with the room to breathe and a break to understand what they have read and then continue. Use different formatting options like add bullet points, highlight text and change your font. That makes it easier for mobile users to read the content and make your content more attractive.

  • Meta description:

 The Meta description is a summary of the content that Google uses to show under your title in the search results. It is important to make it appealing and informative to encourage the reader. The Meta description should explain what your article is about and must include your target keywords. The optimized Meta description length is between 155-160 characters. The best solution is to figure out the targeted keyword and include it naturally in your Meta description.

  • Include Images, Videos and GIFs:

Optimized visuals are a part of an effective content marketing strategy. They add a break between your texts. They add more value to and make it more impactful. Include relevant images, videos and GIFs in your content.

  • Including and optimizing images in your content is a great way to effectively get your points across and improve search engine results.
  • Google Images can’t read a text in images, but they can interpret the content of images to define the image in the search results.
  • You need to give proper Alt text and descriptive titles. The ALT text is not visible to website visitors, but search engines use this information to understand the subject matter of that image better.

Try to employ useful and informative content that contains your core keywords appropriately and naturally in your ALT text.

  • Use social media platforms:

Social media is built for mass sharing of your content. That’s how social media affects SEO because all of this sharing adds up to more perceptibility for your content. If lots of people share your content on social media, then it’s likely that more people will link to it and links which is a highly important SEO ranking factor.

You can use these platforms for increasing traffic to your content:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn:  for your corporate and professional profile to keep up with your professional network.
  • You also use Twitter
  • If you are a photographer then why not use Pinterest (322 million users) which is a social media platform where you share photographs of the popular content related to fashion, food, decor, wedding, workout and DIYs.
  • Reddit (330 Million users) might be better suited for you if you are a debating person and wants content to be targeted towards potential viewers.

It will take some time to find out how to create SEO friendly content for your site. However, it will be extremely worthwhile.  So, follow these practical tips to write SEO advantageous content and drive value to content. They will help you ensure that good content leads to more shares, leads and link.  


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